School Program

    Field trips are 1.5 hour programs that include a scavenger hunt and two hands-on activities. See your options below!

    *A 4-station option is available for groups over 60 students and a guided tour option is available for groups of 50 and smaller.

    Please contact Claudia Moseley at to schedule your school tour.

    Where Texas History Began Program

    Field trip options for this program will engage your students with state history, from the tools & technologies of the earliest Texans, through life for the French colonists and Spanish settlers. Tours are aligned with social studies TEKS. Scavenger hunts can cover the entire museum or a specific topic: French Explorers, Spanish Settlers, and Early Peoples.

    Hands-on Activities

  • Atlatls: Learn about atlatls by throwing spears on the front lawn! (Grades 4+)
  • Early Tools: Listen to a brief talk about tools used by early Texans. Students will get a chance to touch and handle tools and replicas (Grades 3+)
  • Pinch Pots: Create and decorate your own palm-sized pinch pot. (All Grades)
  • Bowl Weaving: Learn a weaving technique used by Native Americans. (Grades 3+)
  • Painted Pebbles: Use your own symbol language to decorate a painted pebble like the ancient peoples did. (All Grades)


    • 4th and 7th grade Texas history students are free admission; all other grades are $1.50 per student.
    • Teachers, chaperones and bus drivers are free admission.

    If you are struggling to fund your field trip, please let us know – sponsorship may be available. Our history should be accessible to all.

      Group Policies

      • Advance reservations are required for education programs.
      • Large groups may be divided into smaller sections to make programs run smoothly.
      • Every ten students must have an adult chaperone (at least 18 years old), who is admitted free.


      • Students must be accompanied by adults at all times.
      • Food and drink can harm our artifacts; please don’t bring them inside. We can arrange a lunch room for your group if requested in advance. Feel free to eat outside on the museum grounds if the weather is good.

      Want a piece of MCB?

      Pre-order souvenir bags for your group! We offer two versions, priced at $1 and $5 per bag. For more information, check out the Souvenir bag flyer, or contact Amber Baker at (361) 582-2434 or

      Please contact Claudia Moseley at to schedule your school tour.