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Archaeology Exhibit at Museum of the Coastal Bend in Victoria TXWhere Texas History Began

Our permanent exhibit examines the last 13,000 years of Texas history, from the first inhabitants of the Coastal Bend region through the French, Spanish, and Mexican colonial efforts, up to the range of diverse influence that have created the modern Texan culture. The focal point in the Museum’s gallery is the exhibit of cannons brought to Texas by French explorer La Salle. The Museum is the repository for artifacts recovered from the archaeological excavation of Fort St. Louis. The museum’s Virtual Exhibit provides an overview of permanent exhibit content, as well as images of some of the artifacts that you’ll see during your in-person visit.

Where Texas Ranching Began

We’re planning for the future! MCB’s popular temporary exhibits, Before The Cowboy and Cattle Boom! are the basis for the future permanent exhibit, Where Texas Ranching Began. A new exhibit and lecture hall, located on the east side of the museum’s existing building, is proposed for construction. See the Master Plan here.

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